Grow-finished pigs in the barn

Get 6.9 lbs. More Per Pig

Give your pigs the edge they need to gain an extra 6.9 lbs. at market with ProsperEO™ feed additive. Boost immunity and feed efficiency for maximum profits!

ProsperEO: Your Path to More Pounds

ProsperEO is an everyday natural feed additive that supports appetite and immunity and reduces stress for healthier, more productive animals.

ProsperEO helps:

Improve feed efficiency & gain Improve feed efficiency and gain

Support gut health & immunity Support gut health and immunity 

Reduce mortality Reduce mortality 

Recommended Use: Feed growing and finishing pigs at 0.5-1.0 lbs. per ton of feed.

ProsperEO for pigs

Product# 2750-35

Available in a 35 lb. Bag

ProsperEO is OMRI Listed® for Organic Use in Pigs


Microfused® Essential Oils

Patented Microfused® Essential Oils

Naturally supports gut health and balances pathogen load. Supports animals through pathogen challenges and oxidative stress.

Actifibe Prebiotic

Actifibe Prebiotic

Preferentially feeds beneficial bacteria in the gut and supports immune function and overall gut health.

Weaner pig in nursery


Research shows that if pigs go over 36 hours without eating or drinking in the nursery, their survival rates plummet.1 Weaning stress reduces appetite, weakens immunity and heightens the risk of illness and mortality.

1. Nursery Pig Management SDSU Extension


A customer field demonstration was conducted using over 12,000 mixed sex pigs across 6 finishing groups. Pigs were fed 1 of 2 dietary treatments: ProsperEO at a rate of 0.5 lbs./ton of finished feed or a control diet for the entire grow-finish period. ​

Feeding ProsperEO resulted in: 

  • Increased body weight by 6.9 lbs. per pig 
  • Increased average daily gain (ADG) by 0.14 lbs./day
  • Improved feed efficiency (F:G) by 0.11 
  • Reduced mortality and culls by 1.2%
  • Reduced days on feed by 5 days
  • Increased Return Over Feed Cost (ROFC) by $3.56 per pig
  • 8.5:1 ROI when ProsperEO is fed at 0.5 lbs./ton
Effects of ProsperEO on Growth Performance of Grow-Finish Pigs

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