Protect Every Newborn Calf from Scours

Protect Every Newborn Calf from Scours

Newborn calves are vulnerable to health issues, like scours, without proper colostrum intake within 2-4 hours of birth. Ensure every calf nurses quickly for maximum colostrum consumption with Start Strong® for Calves!

Start Strong® for Calves

Within 12 hours, calves lose 50% of their ability to absorb antibodies from colostrum.1 That’s why we developed Start Strong for Calves.

This natural oral drench stimulates appetite, enhances gut health, boosts immunity and provides newborns with the energy they require to get up and receive colostrum fast!

Start Strong comes in convenient packaging with an easy-to-use pump.

  • Turn upside down and administer orally 10 ml (1 pump = 5 ml) within 12 hours of birth.
  • Repeat for 1–2 days if the calf is not energetic.

Product# 2500-250 // Product# 2500-60
Available in 250 ml and 60 ml bottles
25 treatments per 250 ml bottle

How it Works

Start Strong uses a unique dual-action approach to provide much-needed energy to newborn calves.

  • First, a complex energy source made up of highly absorbable fats that are easily broken down for a quick boost of energy.
  • Second, bioactives help stimulate a calf’s appetite to get them up and nursing while strengthening immunity and promoting a mature and developing gut.
Protect Every Newborn Calf from Scours


Without colostrum protection, calves are at an increased risk of developing scours and 74 times more likely to die in the first 21 days of life.2

Start Strong FAQ

View the frequently asked questions to learn more about how to use Start Strong.

This product does not replace colostrum, but helps animals consume it quickly. It has immune-stimulating properties, but not passive antibody transfer.

Dosing Start Strong 30 minutes to 1 hour before a calf that’s going to nurse or consume colostrum from a bottle is recommended to help build vigor and encourage better voluntary consumption. If it’s a calf that will be tubed and manually provided colostrum, wait closer to the time you expect the calf to voluntarily consume milk or milk replacer.

Start Strong is an oral drench. Simply turn the bottle upside down and provide two pumps directly into the back of the mouth.

The same applicator can be used on multiple animals. Just wipe the Start Strong bottle clean and reuse it on healthy animals. If it’s used on a sick animal, wipe it down with a disinfectant before using it again.

A 250 ml bottle contains 25 treatments.

Start Strong is effective during all stages of an animal’s life and in stressful situations. It’s best given at birth but can be used anytime an animal is experiencing stress or illness.

Any animal showing a lack of vigor should be given Start Strong immediately. However, it’s recommended to provide a preventative dose to every calf at any time in the first hours or even days of birth.

Start Strong does not require refrigeration, but we recommend it be stored at room temperature out of direct sunlight and not allowed to freeze.

If stored properly Start Strong should be good for at least 1 year.

Typically, yes, the only consideration would be if you’re administering a live agent orally. With those applications, we recommend that you use Start Strong first and then follow with the second product after 1 hour.

Yes, just use ¼ to ½ the recommended dose listed on the label.

What Farmers & Ranchers Are Saying

Protect Every Newborn Calf from ScoursProtect Every Newborn Calf from Scours
It’s nice to know that when I have a calf down and out, I can give them Start Strong and walk away knowing that the next time I see him, he’s going to be up and nursing.
- Dale

Protect Every Newborn Calf from Scours
We calve in early February in Montana, and it’s been below zero for long stretches at a time. This has helped every one of our chilled calves get up and want to nurse. A neighbor told us to try it and I’m glad he did! We won’t be without it again. Very cost-effective also!
- Sienna

Protect Every Newborn Calf from Scours
I started using this product last year on both my calves and lambs. I won't go through another calving and lambing season without it. When I was lambing, it was between -4 and -11 in the barn and the lamb warmed right up without any problems. I even loaned a bottle to a neighbor who was having trouble with twin calves, he won't be without it next year. 
- Bill

Protect Every Newborn Calf from ScoursProtect Every Newborn Calf from Scours
I want you to know, we have a beautiful bull calf, but mom rejected him. I gave him Start Strong and he got up and drank a pint of colostrum replacement.
- Deb

Protect Every Newborn Calf from Scours
We bottle-raise feedlot calves. I used Start Strong on one of them and the calf was up and sucking in an hour! Never had one that responsive. I’ll continue to use it and recommend it to others. Well done guys!
- Nadean

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1. Virginia Tech University
2. Texas Tech University