Weaner pigs in nursery

Get Weaner Pigs Drinking & Eating Fast

The longer weaner pigs go without eating and drinking in the nursery, the greater their chances are of falling behind and getting sick. Ensure your pigs start drinking and eating from day one with Essential-Lyte™.

Essential-Lyte for Pigs

Pigs naturally drink before they eat, and Essential-Lyte makes sure they’re getting the vital nutrients and vitamins in their water to kickstart their appetite and hydration levels. With Essential-Lyte, you’re setting your pigs up for a strong foundation of health and performance from the get-go.

Essential-Lyte Water Additive:

  • Eases nursery transitions
  • Rehydrates and restores nutrients
  • Promotes immunity
  • Significantly lowers gut pH
  • Manages disease pressure

Just mix 1 gallon of Essential-Lyte with 4 gallons of water to create a stock solution. 1 gallon treats 300 pigs for 10 days during transition.
Essential-Lyte for Pigs

Product# 2023

Available in a 1 gallon Jug

What’s Inside:

Microfused® Essential Oils Patented Microfused® Essential Oils naturally promotes gut health and help reduce pathogen load.

Actifibe Prebiotic Actifibe Prebiotic feeds beneficial bacteria in the gut to promote immune function.

Natural Vitamins E & D Natural Vitamins E & D promotes immunity and bone health and reduce oxidative stress.

Water Acidifier Water Acidifier significantly lowers gut pH to help further reduce pathogens.

Natural Vitamins E & D Electrolytes help overcome dehydration.

Weaner pig in nursery


Research shows that if pigs go over 36 hours without eating or drinking in the nursery, their survival rates plummet.1 Weaning stress reduces appetite, weakens immunity and heightens the risk of illness and mortality.

1. Nursery Pig Management SDSU Extension


“Our nursery was facing high mortality rates of about 20% from slow starting pigs that wouldn’t eat. To help, we tried Essential-Lyte. Almost immediately, feed intake went up drastically and the enteric issues stopped. Our death rate came down to just 2%, and now every group entering the nursery is given Essential-Lyte to get weaner pigs started and set them up for success.”

Owner // 8,000-Head Farrow-to-Finish Farm
Central Minnesota

“After months of struggling with a persistent health issue in the nursery and unthrifty pigs, we tried Essential-Lyte. Soon our pigs were thriving and on feed easier. Now we administer this product to every group entering the nursery, so our pigs get on feed fast and get a boost of immunity from day one.”

Owner // 3,000-Head Farrow-to-Finish Farm
Southern Minnesota

Real Results 

In a recent field demonstration with 24,000 pigs, Essential-Lyte delivered impressive results:
  • 41 additional full-value pigs sold per 1,200 pigs
  • Improved feed efficiency by 0.14
  • Reduced mortality and culls by 41%
  • Reduced sub standards sold by 54%
  • 13.6:1 return on investment (ROI)
Download the field demonstration report for the full Essential-Lyte performance results.
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