Keep Weaned Calves Healthy

Improve the health and performance of your calves during weaning with Fight Strong® Pellet. When the stress is on, keep your calves on feed with fewer health challenges!

Transform Weaning Stress into Success

For just 33 cents per calf per day, this non-antibiotic feed additive provides calves with the nutrients they need to overcome weaning stress while maintaining performance and gain. Best of all, no prescription from a veterinarian is needed!

Here's what your calves stand to gain:

  • Better response to antibiotic treatments
  • Maintained feed intake even during illness
  • Fewer health challenges
  • Less death loss
  • Improved performance

Feed Fight Strong after weaning for up to 28 days at the following rates:

  • 250 lbs. / 2 oz. per head per day
  • 500 lbs. / 4 oz. per head per day
  • 750 lbs. / 6 oz. per head per day
  • 1,000 lbs. / 8 oz. per head per day
Fight Strong Pellet

Product# 2612
50 lb. Bag

What’s Inside?

Weaning can compromise calf immunity and increase the risk of disease. Fight Strong offers a patented blend of scientifically proven ingredients that fortify calf health all the way from the rumen to the gut.

Microfused® Essential Oils
Reduce pathogen load and oxidateve stress and promote health of stressed ruminants while stimulating appetite.
Microbial Catalyst®
Stimulate rumen function and promote appetite.
Actifibe® Prebiotic
Feed beneficial gut bateria and promote immune function.
Yucca Schidegera
Improve digestion and promote gut health.
Reduce pathogen load and promote health of stress ruminants.

Cow-Calf Success Story from Donahue, Iowa

Discover a real-life success story of an Iowa cow-calf producer who relied on Fight Strong during weaning and successfully treated zero calves.

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